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Terms of Use – General Principles

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") are legally binding provisions made by you, the website owner. The Terms establish the legal boundaries that govern the activities of website visitors or customers when visiting or interacting with the website. They are also intended to establish a legal relationship between the website visitors and the website owner.

Terms should be tailored to the needs and nature of each individual website - for example, a website that offers products to customers via e-commerce will require different terms of use than a website that is purely informational (blogs, landing pages, etc.).

The Terms provide you, as a website owner, with the ability to protect you from potential legal risks, however this may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so we always recommend that you seek local legal advice regarding your own legal protection.

Items that should be included in the terms of use

Generally, the terms and conditions will include: who is the intended user of the website; what payment methods will be used; any future changes the website owner may make to its services; the warranties the website owner makes to its customers; intellectual property and copyright issues; and the website owner's powers to suspend or cancel member accounts.

For more information, see our Help Center article, " Creating Terms of Use ."

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